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Nothing can compensate the value of experience, this complex began producing hot foam since 1370.

Due to the lack of high quality and affordable injection foam machines and the most important thing is the guarantee of the product parts and also can be repaired internally. The Vihan complex in the year of 1384 due to its’ technical background, speacialists and experts have produced the cold injection foam machine (Polyureathan Low Pressure) and took a new step in its’ development.

The domestic home designing is very important to families, because they spend most of their time at home. In addition to the beauty of inside the home, its’ convenient and comfortable environment is very important as well. There are a lot of factors which make the house beautiful that include some great and beautiful models of furnitures like different great furnitures, tables and chairs. Due to home decoration, you can choose your favourite type of furnitures with variant types like wooden, metallic, glassy and plastic models.